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Compilation Placement | Predicted Platinum Records






























Predicted Platinum Records will license your song for a individual royalty paid to the contributing artist. Earn Individual Royalty Per 2 Reports Per Year.  This album is signed under Predicted Platinum Records/Amada Records.


Predicted Platinum Records Will Release & Distribute the Album On iTunes, Walmart & Spotify. Over 500+ Media Outlets Including NBC, ABC, FOX News, HUSH Weekly, CBS Local, & Yahoo Entertainment Will Premier the Album. The album release will have its own 1 hour spotlight on multiple radio stations every day for 90 days.


This campaign includes airplay, magazine features & social media promotion


Genres Accepted:  Dancehall, Pop, Dance, R&B and Hip Hop


Artist Requirements:


Professionally Written Biography & High Resolution Pictures

Social Media Profile(s)

Mixed & Mastered Song (Industry Quality)

MP3/WAV Clean Version & Explicit Tracks Accepted


Upcoming Release:


Predicted Platinum Vol. 2 (Digital Version & CD) Hip-Hop/R&B

The Lightshow Deluxe  (Digital Version & CD) Pop/Dance


Available in Walmart, Sears, KMart, iTunes, Amazon.


Featured Headliners: Khao, Gucci Mane, Lil Baby, Chris Brown, Lauryn Hill, Kali Ranks, RedrumSociety, & More...Previous Compilations charted the Billboard Charts !


Opportunity Available Until 10/30/2020























KLYZ-HITS 98.5 Los Angeles' online presence boasts 5.8 million listeners quarterly. We have a local and worldwide audience of listeners. This makes it very easy to get our loyal listeners to visit our sponsor's websites. KLYZ-HITS’ listeners are a highly active group of consumers with above average levels of purchase intentions and are early adopters of other new media options. KLYZ-HITS 98.5 Los Angeles is part of HUSH Media which owns one of the world's fastest growing networks of online/FM radio stations, magazines, record labels, social media properties and household brands.  We are very excited about partnering with amadarecords.com and we are now offering exclusive music promotion services to up and coming artists !


KLYZ-HITS 98.5 Los Angeles radio streams play over 20+ years of the best music, ensuring a maximum reach from a variety of age groups with a wide range of interests. KLYZ-HITS 98.5 Los Angeles is 100% FREE TO TUNE-IN so when your sponsor message is aired it will STAND OUT which is a key benefit of being a sponsor.  With consumers shifting away from listening to traditional local broadcast radio stations with iPhones and smartphones, internet radio

helps a company reach a larger audience and stand out from the crowd giving it unique exposure. Digital radio is on the rise!  


KLYZ-HITS 98.5 Los Angeles offers a diverse audience from around the world and this positions your organization with an attractive demographic. By being a sponsor and supporting our listeners' favorite radio station will give your company a positive brand image.  


Our Network & Audience…


Generates more than 2 million listeners monthly!


Mostly based In the US. With 45% of that tally being African-American, 25% Caucasian, 10% Asian, 9% Mid East, and 11% Misc.

Mostly aged between 18-34

M/F Demographics: (60% male / 40% female)

Education: Our audience have ‘some / substantial’ College/University education (77%)


BRAND CAMPAIGNS | 90 Day Campaigns


Advertisers receive commercial spins daily on our regional digital radio station either quarterly (90 Days) or annually (1 Year). The advertiser receives daily spins & promotion from the radio station feed and the digital radio station website for the duration of the campaign. Brands can submit up to 3 audio ads. Advertisers receive logo placements on all online events hosted by the digital radio station.  


PR (Publicity)


Advertisers receive one write up on their brand per month.  The press release is distributed on the digital radio station website.  Radio ad length must be between 15-60 seconds.  The advertiser receives non-rotating and rotating banner design and ad placements on one participating platform/website.  Campaign Reaches 3 Million Ad Impressions (Quarterly) + 12 Million (Annually). Weekly tracking reports are available upon request.


Ad Sizes Required: 300x250 - 728x90 - 300x600 - 160x600 - 300x300


After you've signed and paid your invoice, campaigns launch within 48-72 hours. Once we've received the information required to launch your campaign, you’ll be notified of placement within the first week of launch.  90 days to 1 year campaigns available.



Major Magazine Press Releases




















Premium PR Campaign


HUSH Magazine (hush-mag.com) - 10M+ Views

REVOLVER Magazine (revolver-mag.com) - 150K Views

AWKWARD Magazine (awkwardmagazine.com) - 50K Views

AUTHENTIC Magazine (knowauthentic.com) - 150K+ Views

VAULT Magazine (vaultweekly.com) - 50K+ Views

GRIND Magazine (grindweekly.com) - 1M+ Views

Digital Journal (digitaljournal.com) - 1M+ Views

CBS News 19 (cbs19news.com) - 100K+ Views

FOX 40 News (wicz.com) - 100K+ Views

NBC Universal 3 News (wrcbtv.com) - 100K+ Views

FOX 34 News (fox34.com) - 100K+ Views

USA Today (usatoday.com) - 10M+ Views (Press Release)

Yahoo News (news.yahoo.com) - 50M+ Views

Medium (medium.com) - 30M+ Views

The Girl Boss (bossygirlmagazine.com) - 50K Views

MASH Magazine (mash-mag.com) - 50K Views

Genius (genius.com) - 25M+ Views (Lyrics)


Guaranteed Blog Placements!  Now Only $1000 (400+ News Outlets & Magazines)  Receive Links In 48-72 Hrs + Most Links Google News Verified!  Ready To Purchase Your PR Campaign? Submit the form to request an invoice. Payments are accepted via cash app, debit/credit card, PayPal, money orders and Venmo. Views are based on monthly analytics.


Radio Airplay | Digital Only Campaigns


KLYZ-Hits 98.5 Los Angeles  (60 Days) $25


Spin reports are provided after campaign completes. Station report royalties directly to artist.    Artists are required to provide quality, clean and edited music for station. Results vary based on content. Genres Accepted: Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Pop, Rock, Dancehall, World, New Age, Latin, Alternative, & Gospel.  How to calculate radio royalties: Number of Listeners x $0.0023 = Net Payout. Spin reports are posted quarterly.To request an invoice, use the form above.  Once credit card payment has been made and confirmed, campaigns launch within 4-5 days. Cash App ($hits98losangeles) payments bring same day results.

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Andre 3000


Missy Elliott





* Required

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