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By Lydia Peterson, Dec 11 2019 07:53PM

Yasir Kaine was born Donald Ray Gaiter II, in Pomona, CA on August 7, 1984. He is also known by the stage names, Yas and Yasir Kaine. He is an American rapper, music producer, sound engineer and actor.

Yasir Kaine began his music career at a young age, singing in the choir at his grandfather's church when he was seven years old. Even though his grandfather was strict in his position against anything that wasn't gospel, Yasir found an interest in R&B. His love for hip hop began to flourish when he received his first full hip hop CD, "The Chronic" by Dr. Dre.

At the age of seventeen Yasir began to rap. When he turned 19 he joined an underground label, known as "Danny Boy Records" where he remained for 2 years. In September of 2005 an altercation at a show caused Yas to be admitted in the local hospital from multiple stab wounds. After receiving a number of stitches and a week of recovery he was finally released. Refusing to let circumstance weigh him down he set out to continue his rap career.

In 2006 he signed to "The Forsaken" records in Inglewood, CA, where he released his album/mixtape called "Ride Wit Me" in March of 2008. In 2009 he parted ways with the label and decided to go independent.

This led to a downward slope.

In 2012 he endured the loss of his cousin to gun violence. He took the next year off only doing music from time to time. In 2013 he enrolled at "The Art Institute" of San Bernardino, CA, where he studied audio/video engineering for a year and a half. While there he linked up with a number of artist and co-founded "Mixx Music Entertainment" in 2014.

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By Lydia Peterson, Dec 11 2019 06:16PM

Born and raised in the Caribbean twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the artist called Soldier Sentry was molded by not only his environment but also by his aspirations. Growing up, he listened to the sweet island music of Calypso, which is indigenous to his country and also influenced him into the art, along with music from the Caribbean region and music from the American contemporary era. It was while growing up in his early years, he was introduced to rap music, being fascinated by the flow and complexity of the rhymes.

Being exposed to a fusion of music within in his country, which is also a cosmopolitan nation, Soldier Sentry, wanted to tell the world his point of view as well as the story of others, using music as his medium to relay his message and stories to the world. He was heavily influenced by various artists and genres, from Calypsonian artists, the Lord Kitchener and the Mighty Sparrow, to reggae artist Everton Blender and contemporary era artist, Nat King Cole along with many more.

However, his music was also influenced by the trials and tribulations of his own life and the lives of those around him but also by influenced by the blessings which he is grateful for, noting that the rain falls on both the just and the unjust and believing that there is a blessing and a lesson with every struggle. His current projects as of 2019, was the release of his official debut entitled Paper Chase and is in the process of releasing a video for it, for which he scripted, directed and produced and also comprises of footage from over 6 countries and islands, from Port Of Spain, Trinidad to Enugu State, Nigeria, along with some states in the USA such as Chicago, Illinois just to name a few. He has also dropped his second release, Take Over, which is available on all streaming platforms, along with Paper Chase.

He has also established a company called Rhythm Evolution, which sells apparel and is venturing into video production. Along with music he also does poetry and hopes in the near future to present something new to the world, using a fusion of music, poetry, clothing and video to bring rhythm and evolution at your finger tips, telling new stories and stories which have been long forgotten.

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By Lydia Peterson, Dec 11 2019 05:49PM

Most Los Angelenos know the name “Toni Monroe” she’s a west coast veteran known to her peers as a rhyme sayer, female beat slayer, and a Hardcore verb player, Toni Monroe made an impact as one of the first rappers to spearhead the current female rap movement, This Bold, Beautiful Bombshell has been blessing the stage and holding her own with the like of Kurput, DJ Quik, Lil Kim, WC, the legendary DJ Crazy Toons, E40, and the legend DJ Battlecat. Toni’s music holds true to the west coast formula of “G Funk” with R&B hooks laced with dope rhymes. This young lady is west coast certified. Her latest single is something sexy for the Holidays “Santa’s Cookies” her new joint will have you “steppin’” into the Holidays and doing a lot of kissing under the mistletoe it’s definitely playlist worthy!

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By Lydia Peterson, Dec 11 2019 01:49PM

Mississippi MC J-Blade started writing rhymes when he was just nine years old, with some of his earliest influences being Bone Thugs N Harmony, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Biggie, Jay-Z, and Scarface. He was recording music with friends by the time he was in high school, forming a group called Mizphit Mafia. From there, the group started a label they named Southern Plantation and began releasing projects and touring throughout the South.

Now as a solo artist with numerous releases under his belt J-BLADE is ready to go to the next level in his career. Be on the lookout for the new album coming Spring 2020. Support and follow his movement on Soundcloud.

By Lydia Peterson, Dec 9 2019 06:53PM

Ibru is a Universal Music Group distributed artist in the Reggae/dancehall genre. His style and lyrics reach out to his audience, bringing a fusion of dancehall and pop style hooks to a variety of dancehall riddims. Ibru collaborates with Dre Swade, another dancehall artist who is known for his lyrical flow on this hot single, Lifestyle. The song Lifestyle brings an awareness to the lifestyles of the artists as they travel throughout the Caribbean on their musical journey.

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